Intuitive and modern web designs are imperative if the internet is a viable source of revenue for your business

Desktop Optimized Websites

Despite the global trend of more internet searches being made since the end of 2014 from mobile web enabled devices than from desktop computers, desktop optimized websites will continue to retain their strategic importance as a viable channel for online brand promotion.

Research indicates the visitors coming to a site for the first time to a website from a computer or laptop will grant you on an average about 12-15 seconds of their attention to make an attractive first impression, enticing them to stay longer to browse the website.

GoogleTM's Panda algorithm is all about an engaging user interface across any device that could access a website, which makes it imperative that your website looks and feels good to your visitors so that they can have a rewarding experience.

All our websites are built using native and modern web design technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, PHP, JQUERY, XML and MYSQL

When you need a website and work with us, we use native coding technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, JQuery, PHP, XML and MySQL to build your websites ground up, which allows us extensive flexibility on what we can do for your website to make it engaging and attractive to your visitors. We do not follow any templates or themes while designing websites - every website is a creation of your vision through collaboration with you even if you don't have any expertise in web development. We conduct extensive research on your industry, your competition, your customer demographics before coming up with a design that is unique and tells a compelling story to your visitors.

We encourage you to share with us your objectives and ideas of how your website should appear to your potential clients and visitors while we assess and analyze your vision to fine tune the design throughout the development process. We set up mock-up versions on our development server and communicate with you regularly for your feedback on every aspect of the look and feel of your website.

Through keyword research, analyzing your competition and the social media interactions of similar businesses in your niche we are able to build in on-page search engine optimization controls (read more about this on page 7) in your website which significantly adds value to promote your website to high ranks in the organic results of the major search engines. Review our portfolio and click on some of the desktop website designs for a live demonstration. You can also browse over this current website you are on to get a better understanding of our capabilities.

Every desktop website that we design would ideally be accompanied by a mobile optimized version of the site that co-exist with one another with automatic device detection codes rendering the proper version to the proper device. When you engage us to design a dekstop website, we would also recommend that you get a mobile optimized version as well since the customer demographics are shifting away from desktop computers to smartphones and today the number of searches on the internet from mobile devices have surpassed the number being made from computers. Get in touch with us today and let's collaborate on the magic for your website.

Responsive websites are not good enough - mobile optimized websites are the most effective on mobile devices to attract user attention

Mobile Device Optimized Websites

What the experts had predicted, has finally happened - it is now confirmed that the Internet is being accessed more frequently from mobile devices than from computers since the end of 2014. Those ubiquitous smartphones with faster Wi-Fi or cellular data connections have become the most widely used device to access information literally from anywhere and anytime. The second most popular device to access the internet are mobile tablets and together with smartphones, they have made it imperative for your website to showcase your message with clear and precise information cutting out all the detail in a traditional desktop website. Don't settle for just responsive websites, since they are significantly less effective than mobile optimized websites for customer acquisition and retention.

Research indicates a different set of psychological traits at play when it comes to accessing website information from a smartphone or mobile tablet. Users demonstrate a lower attention span - about 6-8 seconds on an average, on a mobile device which is all you have to make an impression and encourage them to stay on and browse the rest of the content your website. Due to this lower attention span on a mobile device, users don't care about panning and zooming around a squished up view of your desktop website on that small real estate on the screen of their mobile device. They are looking for easily accessible information presented as a summarized version of the detailed content of a desktop website. When online brand promotion on those omnipresent mobile devices is your prerogative, a mobile optimized website is mandatory.

Mobile visible sites are your desktop sites that are visible on mobile devices but show up all squished up in that small screen of your device. With an attention span of 6-8 seconds, it is futile for you to place a wager on your business that the average mobile user would make the effort to pan and zoom and fish around for the information they are looking for. So a mobile visible site is almost akin to not being there at all. The next step up is a responsive version of your desktop site.

Responsive website designs are simply a programming trick to make your desktop website readable on a mobile device but that does not meet the content optimization requirements and user interface demands on a mobile device, rendering them ineffective. Mobile readable sites render all the information on your desktop version to the mobile device in a readable manner - that is too much content to be presented to a mobile user. On a mobile device less is more.

We can design a mobile optimized version of your website ground up using native web development technologies to co-exist in parallel with your desktop website - this is a completely separate and standalone version of your website with a different look and feel along with optimized content. We install device detection codes on your website that automatically renders either the desktop version or the mobile optimized version depending on whether a computer or a mobile device is accessing your URL. Our mobile optimized websites offer slick user interfaces based on your market demographics with information presented in a manner to engage the user to learn more about the pertinent information they are looking for and guide them to a positive call to action.

For a better understanding between a mobile visible, mobile readable and mobile optimized website, check our FAQ page for a comparison chart.

Contact us today and let's collaborate on getting a mobile optimized website designed for you.

With rising costs of pay per click advertising the most prudent approach is to invest time and energy on on-page optimization of websites

On Page SEO (Search Engine Optimization

Led by Google all the major search engines have fine tuned their website ranking algorithms which are in a state of continuous change and improvement all for the achievement of three key objectives - (1) providing the most unique and keyword targeted content (2) that is presented in a pleasing and intuitive user experience (3) across any device capable of accessing the internet. This is how the major search engines to head to head against each other in a perpetual drive to deliver the best value to their users in an effort to drive more traffic to their platform. Greater the number of users larger are the chances of the search engine to monetize paid traffic and that is how search engines make money.

While pay per click advertising is a fast track to get traffic to your website, with rising costs per click and diminishing conversions, it is imperative that a professionally designed website has on-page optimization controls already in place before it is released to the public and search engine robots to come in for a visit.

On page SEO done professionally ensures that a new site can be rewarded with high ranks in the major search engine trio - Google, Bing and Yahoo. If your site is beyond the 3rd page on these major search engines, chances of your website being found drops like a stone. With the latest updates of Hummingbird, Penguin and Panda algorithms from Google, the traditional techniques of achieving high ranks in the major search engines have been rendered absolutely useless and redundant.

We perform extensive keyword research by search volume and popularity and also research your competition to get a better understand of the playing field for your website. Such research provides us with valuable insight what the on-page optimization settings should be for your website and how the architecture / sitemap of your website should be. This in turn has a strong influence on where we would set up a single-page website or a multiple page website to represent the various aspects of your business. We have the experience and the expertise in-house to perform such research and analysis even before we write even a single line of code for your website.

Since you are the most qualified person when it comes to knowing your business and the message that you want to convey to your clients through your website, we recommend that you provide us with the raw content without worrying about any of the technical stuff related to on-page optimization. Once we have your raw content, we enhance it with on-page optimization relevant content before uploading it to your website.

Though not typical across the board and while we cannot guarantee high search engine rankings in the organic results, our websites generally show up on the first three pages of the organic listings of major search engines - Google, Bing and Yahoo within a few days of going live on the internet and having the robots come in for a visit to index your site in their database. When a website shows within the first three pages of the organic listings there is litte or no investment required for pay per click advertising, saving our clients significant amounts of money. These are the rewards of the pre-design research and analysis, implemented while designing your website.

Engage us to design both versions of your website and be assured that on page optimization settings will be built in them for maximum exposure on major search engines.

Off page optimization for your website through our Website Advisory Services can significantly boost your ranks in the organic results in the major search engines

Off Page SEO / Brand Promotion

While on page SEO of your website with unique and quality content presented with an exciting user experience across all web-accessible devices is the primary factor to gain approval from search engines to rank you higher in their organic results, off page SEO can take your website to newer and greater heights in their ranking algorithms and play a significant role in brand promotion. The two core objectives of all optimization efforts on your website is first, to be found on the Interent and second, once you are found, capture the visitor's attention with your professionally designed website.

Off-page SEO strategies leverage your professionally designed website meeting the two criteria above, as a launchpad for brand promotion of your company image that you want to portray in your market. More is better as you penetrate into different strategies over time spreading your presence in different channels all of which lead customers in those channels to your website and hence to your business.

We believe that websites are 45% technology and 55% psychology because ultimately as website is intended for the human consumer in an effort to add value to their life. While technology can assist in getting your website to the base camp, it is the impact a website has on the human psyche that catapults it to the summit on the organic results. When you analyze the first five sites in the organic results it becomes evident that they are doing more than just on-page optimization on the website.

Our Website Advisory Services start with an initial consultation with you that helps us craft a design and optimization strategy to implement while we design your desktop and mobile optimized websites. This can be followed up by a number of optional off-page optimization strategies. The off-page optimization channels we collectively decide to pursue are tailored to your specific needs and objectives and there are no templates or cookie-cutter strategies to implement.

  • BLOGS : We recommend that you maintain an on-domain blog with content related to the core competencies of your business, which gives more credibility to your URL when compared to blogs maintained in a different URL. Guest blogging in high traffic and high page rank popular blogs with pertinent content that adds value to the original post with a back-link to your URL is a great way to leverage blogs to gain credibility to your own domain name.
  • SOCIAL MEDIA : In the world of virtual friends and electronic relationships, social media networking is a very important channel to leverage with your business presence that provides the latest updates in your operations to your followers and links them back to your domain to know more about your business. Greater your social media following, greater is your popularity in the social networks and hence bolder becomes your online presence.
  • NICHE FORUMS : High traffic forums in your related areas of business expertise with a high page rank, add great value to your credibility through backlinks to your domain that you leave while posting and making comments to existing posts to add value to the group. Your posts and comments need to add value to the discussion as the primary purpose while leaving backlinks to appropriate pages or blog posts on your domain must be of secondary importance. Otherwise you could be prohibited from posting if the group considers you to be spamming the forum.
  • RETARGETING : With the demise of pop-up and pop-under windows, retargeting has become a relatively newer technology to promote your business to visitors who have visited your site at least once. Essentially, you enroll in a retargeting platform and set up your account with a banner ad. When visitors come to your website at least once, a cookie is placed in their browser that communicates with the retargeting platform. Even when your visitors leave your site and go to another site that is already in the platform, your banner ads shows up there in an effort to have them click on it and return to your site.
  • PHOTO / VIDEO SHARING : Pictures speak a thousand words and videos paint a million. When you share photos related to your business on sites such as Instagram, Flickr, Picasa, Photobucket you not only engage with the users in those sites you can also use those pictures to raise interest enough to have them visit your website. Sharing educational or informative videos about your business in high traffic video delivery services such as Youtube, Metcafe, Vimeo, DailyMotion is a very effective strategy for off-page optimization through which you can set up a fan following hungry for more and they find interest to visit your website for more.
  • WIKIPEDIA : Often overlooked and seldom understood from a brand recognition point of view, with its high page rank Wikipedia offers an outstanding platform to promote your domain expertise in your niche and establishes your credibility. This high traffic site is respected by all search engines and a link back to your domain after your content is considered very valuable for link building - an important factor for your page rank in the major search engines.

Off Page SEO Strategies Continued

  • ARTICLE DIRECTORIES : Google recently announced that a back link from an article directory to your website will no longer add any value to your link building efforts for your domain, since spammers were mis-using those directories to try and beat the Google standards of quality, unique content. Nevertheless major article directories such as GoArticles and Ezine Articles offer another fantastic platform for your business to show off your domain expertise with high quality and unique content. These articles establish your credibility in your niche in these high traffic article directories and that credibility draws visitors to your site.
  • ANSWER SITES : In an internet where content is king, high traffic Answer Sites such as,, Yahoo Answers provide another fantastic avenue for you to demonstrate your credibility in your domain and establish yourself as an expert. The backlinks to your own domain after your answer is a great way to lead answer seekers to your website. Being original and unique in your answers that add real value to the question is the most important factor on these answer sites.
  • REPUTATION MANAGEMENT : With the proliferation of social media and review sites on the internet, where everyone is free to share their opinion about every person or business they interacted with, keeping your brand reputation secure is of paramount importance. In a market where everyone seems to beat their own drums to tout themselves as the best thing since sliced bread, customers are conducting thorough research online about your reputation before they would engage in any business transaction with you, literally across all industries. Comments posted in the public domain cannot be removed easily and even lawsuits don't help.
  • REVIEW SITES : Opinions matter and in this day and age of social media social proof has become extremely important for brand recognition and reputation and is becoming more and more a deciding factor for consumers to do business with you. Moreover high traffic and high page rank review sites such as Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google Plus and SiteJabber is favored by the major search engines. When you have an account on these sites and encourage your patrons to post their reviews on them, you could very well find a link to your domain on the first page of the major search engines, based on how high your review ratings are. Review sites thus not only help you establish your popularity online they can also provide your business a detour to high page ranks on the major search engines
  • LINK EXCHANGE AND BAITING : These terms are related with the same objective - to create a collaboration between your site and another site through hyperlinks on content, ideally posted on either sides of the exchange. The other site is generally not your competition but could be a business that offers complimentary services and products that would add value to the experience of a visitor on your site. In exchange the other webmaster would return the favor by placing some content on their site with a link back to your domain. If you can get backlinks from a .edu or .gov site, that is considered of high value for your organic ranking.
  • PRESS RELEASES : Noteworthy news about your business that you believe add value to your brand and to your market can be shared through professionally written press releases. Press releases get picked up by other news agencies who repost your release on their sites all linking back to your domain. This spidering of one press release all over the Interet through these news channels grant several brownie points for your website from a search engine ranking perspective and also spreads your message on multiple online channels.
  • DOCUMENT SHARING : Document sharing sites offering public viewing of documents are an excellent channel for you to promote your informational content and gain back-links to your own domain. Sites such as SlideShare and Google Docs are quite popular and excellent venues to share your product/service brochures, introductory training material, slideshows and manuals, which add value to readers on those sites who can navigate back to your domain if they so choose to do for more information.
  • LOCAL SEARCH : 90% of searches on the interent are for local businesses. IP address filtering and geo-location targeting technology used by traditional and mobile search engines will always show the local highest quality websites in the higher ranks on the major engines, which makes it imperative that your website makes it easier for search engines to determine your base locations(s). Furthermore, you would want to get your business listed on Google Places, Yahoo Local, Bing Local, Yellow Pages online. These high traffic local search directories offer great exposure to your site.
  • FREE GIVEAWAYS : High traffic free giveaway sites are another great way to promote your business and lead visitors to your site. If you have promotional products or services or need to clear out slow moving our out-dated inventory, such free giveaway sites offer an excellent platform to showcase your giveaway to not only promote your brand but also lead visitors back to your own website. These sites can be a great avenue for list building as well.
Leveraging the full power of a desktop and mobile optimized website design, starting 2015, ICREATE Technologies will offer clients with ecommerce and mobile commerce transactional capabilities from their sites

E-Commerce And M-Commerce Enablement

If you are in the business of selling products and services from a catalog and you believe that the internet is or can be a viable sales channel for new and returning customers, whether you have a brick and mortar store or not, you would need to enable your website for e-commerce for transactions from traditional computers and for mobile commerce or m-commerce for transactions from mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. While fundamentally the commercial payment related portion of e-commerce and m-commerce is the same, the size of the mobile device imposes several differences to be implemented for a m-commerce capable site in the manner in which the catalog and products (or services) related information is presented and the shopping cart is managed and offered up to a secure checkout.

You might have already noticed certain e-commerce sites that work great on computers but not so on a mobile device - this is a significant challenge for online merchants today.

Starting 2015, we have the capability to design e-commerce and m-commerce enabled, device optimized websites ground up, tailor-made for your business, with the standard on-page optimization settings built in as for non-commercial websites. With the core objective of brand promotion in a competitive e-commerce market, we believe our services to mobile-enable your existing e-commerce sites or to build both versions ground up will offer significant benefits to your business when you can tap into the most popular commercial channel today - smartphones and mobile devices.

Commercial websites that are optimized for both electronic and mobile commerce provide the full spectrum of web-accessible devices to automatically view the proper version of your commerce website and be able to take advantage of all the user interface optimizations that we implement in each version. Every transaction will be conducted through secure servers using Paypal as the payment processor. If you have your own merchant account, we can integrate their payment gateway in your commerce website as well.

Our commerce websites are lightweight in design from a database management perspective with capabilities to upload the catalog from a spreadsheet or formatted text file if you already have data available. Alternatively you can maintain your catalog by manually entering data from your control panel. The websites will be installed on high performance, robust servers with cloud backup services, ensuring that you offer your best foot forward when it comes to offering an exciting shopping experience to your online customers.

Don't lose customers anymore because your e-commerce website (if you have one) failed to capture their imagination and a positive call to action from a mobile device. With a m-commerce capable mobile optimized website working in parallel with your e-commerce site, you can be assured that user interface would not be the factor why the sale did not go through. You focus on your value proposition, your promotions, quality of your products (or services), price and terms and conditions of the transaction while we work in the background to offer a smooth, exciting and shopping experience to your customers.

We are open to suggestions from you as we collaborate on features and functionality of your e-commerce and m-commerce capable website as we develop a customized presence for you on both the traditional and the mobile internet.

Get in touch with us for e-commerce and m-commerce enabling your site and let's get to work.

Let's start off with an initial consultation with our Advanced Website Advisory Services team so that we understand your business and your objectives and we can recommend the most optimum approach for a modern web design

Engage Our Website Advisory Services

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With desktop and mobile optimized web design services augmented with on-page SEO and off page optimization services we can augment your website with e-commerce and m-commerce capabilities. Let's get in touch today.


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